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Fashion sourcing

Who are we?

dto is a fashion sourcing network with over 40 years of experience in connecting retailers with Asian manufacturers.
A tailor-made service to monitor your sourcing, development and productions across the globe.

Do I know you?

Yes, you do know us.
We manage a portfolio of international brands.

dto is a family owned business having over 40 years of experience in connecting European retailers to an endless network of Asian manufacturers. Flexibility is key. dto is a matchmaker relying on its longstanding experience, technical knowledge and personal approach towards both buyer and supplier.

By focusing on tailor-made solutions for the brands we work with, dto has become a one-stop shop providing services that include design, sourcing the right match in Asia, product development from the first idea to a final garment, order placement and follow-up until the final quality control.

This is how we do it

Inspiration and collection design

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By triggering designers and buyers with the latest fashion sourcing, sampling, shopping, as well as introducing new techniques, raw materials and accessories; the dto team intends to enlighten ideas that help build your garments, your collection, your brand.


Detail Knit

dto is your go-to sourcing partner, as our team will not stop until we have found what you are looking for. Having a European based HQ, we understand the market’s trends and the customer’s needs; whether you are a brand, wholesale business or retailer.


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Once a clear idea, drawing or technical file requires an actual garment, our team will source the adequate materials and manufacturer, respecting the strictest social and environmental standards.


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Once a style is ready to move into production our team negotiates the best price and earliest delivery

Quality control

Our QC Team follows up the entire production process, until the garments are shipped to your warehouse. Ensuring a full quality control along the entire production process, while monitoring all compliance aspects, is key.


Why does it work?


By attending fairs and working closely with freelance designers, our team keeps you inspired and on top of the latest trends around the world.

Quality Control

Our mission is to deliver high standard quality with respect for social and environmental compliance throughout the entire supply chain.


From our head office in Belgium, our salesteam is just around the corner. The merchandisers in Asia are permanently present in factories, constantly looking for new techniques, fabrics and qualities.


A solid network of respected Asian partners allow us to flexibly carry out your orders.

What do we create?

Curious about what we design, produce and sell?

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